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19, March, 2021

How to Get your Child Back to School after Pandemic?

  • Have you been stressed about your child for being too lazy to study?
    Well the pandemic has sure made a huge impact on the general lifestyle of students. The students who would wake up on time and attend all the classes in school are now the ones who are sleeping through classes due to lack of concentration and also a leniency in the masses

05, March, 2021

Class 10, 12 Board Revised Exam Date Sheet 2020-2021

  • Release of the date sheet marks as the beginning of an important time period, when students entirely involve themselves into studying with full dedication and concentration. This is one of the most important phases of preparation.

25 November, 2020

How to Focus on Studies during COVID-19?

  • It has been 9 months COVID- 19 has made us restricted to our normal lifestyle, also nowhere soon we can see it ending.
    The pandemic and subsequent social restrictions has affected our lives in different ways like on our mental and physical health, studies, offices, Business etc.