how to focus on studies during lockdown

How to Focus on Studies During COVID-19?

Ithas been 9 months COVID- 19 has made us restricted to our normal lifestyle, also nowhere soon we can see it ending. The pandemic and subsequent social restrictions has affected our lives in different ways like on our mental and Physical Health, Studies, Offices, Businesses etc.

The widespread effect has been heterogeneous on the growing school and college students as earlier we had a dedicated place to study in school, tuitions, colleges, library, coffee shops etc. But now since we are homebound, we have to read just to a new normal in which studying from home is only option, here we comes up to the transition from offline to online learning.

Our Job is not to prepare Students for Something.
Our Job is to help Students prepare themselves for Anything.

— A.J. Juliani

During this school year we have encountered many challenges. So here we have come up with some tips to stay motivated and focused on studies at home:

1. Prepare a Study Desk: To start, you must have a dedicated area with a comfortable seating and lighting this increase energy, confidence and keeps you effective. Also before you start you should have easy access to everything you need on your desk like stationary, books, water, charging point for your device etc. You must have to keep your study table neat and tidy to avoid any distractions.

2. Prepare a Study Plan: When it comes to stay focused, it is necessary to maintain a daily learning routine for attending online classes, giving time to self study, preparing for exams or subject wise revision etc. Keep enough time to study each subject but also take a break after 2 hours of sitting. Scheduling study hours will manage your time to spend on other activities.

3. Avoiding Distractions: Don’t let Texting, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube etc. steal your concentration. Either block or logout these distractions during your study hours, keep your family informed about your study hours. If it is noisy at home or around, be ready with your headphones to listen any concentration music or any music which helps you to stay focused.

4. Self-Motivation: If you find it difficult to concentrate or focus take a Break, go for a walk, breathe in fresh air, have refreshments, play games, do skipping or water plants etc. It will keep your mind fresh and more focused.

5. Stay Connected: During social restrictions you cannot see your friends or do group studies, however you can Join or start virtual group studies together on Zoom, Google Meet etc. Reach out to your teachers and professors for clearing your doubts. Utilize your odd hours to prepare for your Test or Exams.

6. E-learning: 6. Take help of E-learning apps for studying effectively and efficiently to build a strong conceptual understanding. Watch problem solving videos by teacher’s or professors, which is the best and quick way of learning and keeps you engage.

Remember to take 5 minutes every week to review your schedule and progress. Also there’s no quick or fixed solution to stay focused while studying but these different methods with a little trial and error will work better to concentrate on your studies and to keep you motivated.

In the end, Remember that this situation is not lasting forever and things will go back to normal eventually. Focusing in your studies is the best way to utilize your time and energy.