how to get your child back to school after pandemic

How to get your Child Back to School after Pandemic?

Haveyou been stressed about your child for being too lazy to study?
Well the pandemic has sure made a huge impact on the general lifestyle of students. The students who would wake up on time and attend all the classes in school are now the ones who are sleeping through classes due to lack of concentration and also a leniency in the masses.

Lack of concentration and also a very casual behavior towards studies has become a common reason for the parents to be considerate about their child’s attitude towards studies.

One child, One Teacher, One Pen and One Book can change the World.

— Malala Yousafzai

Well, here are some measures you can take in order to build up the mind-set of your child for their studies.

1. Sleep Cycle: The biggest issue faced by parents these days is the irregular sleep cycle of their child. In order to physically prepare your child for a better concentration at school an 5 to 7 hour sleep is must. Improved sleep also improves the immunity which in the current scenario is very necessary.

2. Encourage Interpersonal Distance: In order to keep your child from being caught by the virus, it is always a better option to prevent than cure. Before the school starts keep some steps about social distancing in your child’s mind. This will ensure safety and also equip them with the needed supplies in case of direct contact with any person or object. As the schools are also very much cautious so there is a less need to worry.

3. Get back to the Old Schedule: Try to set things as they used to be before the pandemic took place. Set up the timings and also work upon taking measure to keep your child engaged with the activities in school.

4. Build up the Mind & Immunity of your Child: Due to the virtualization of the masses children and parents have grown apart. Fix this by having a conversation with your child and know what’s on their mind. This will give you a certain idea about how to mentally prepare your child for school. In order to build up immunity make sure that they are having a proper and nutritious diet that maintains their interest.

5. Keep a Track of the School Notices: During social restrictions you cannot see your friends or do group studies, however you can Join or start virtual group studies together on Zoom, Google Meet etc. Reach out to your teachers and professors for clearing your doubts. Utilize your odd hours to prepare for your Test or Exams.Schools have now set multiple policies regarding social distancing and also there has been many changes in the system of teaching. Keep a track of all these to get ready for school and not miss out on any important notice.

These measures will act best when taken now. So start with what time you have on hand and get ready to be back on track with your child’s education. Let’s keep up and be back. We hope these steps help you to get your child back to school.